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About Us

Power Solar Kit  are range of products from Shenzhen Taijunhao Trading Co., Ltd.

We at  Shenzhen Taijunhao Trading Co., Ltd. have been in the Construction industry , Shading Solution industry and Manufacturing industry of Solar products for over 16 years . 

Having our advantage in the construction industry and our rich experience in providing economical and sustainable solutions to home owners over the years , we have come up and selected several useful , practical and sustainable Power solar kit products that we have been using on our own construction projects over the years .

These Power solar kit products were applied in many Third world Countries that either have no power at all or cannot afford to have Main city line power or prefer to have an economical sustainable solution with emphasis on Carbon reduction .

Sharing our selected Power solar kit products to the public means the home owners will have ownership of products that have been tried and time tested over the years which guarantees the usability and less maintenance of the products . 

That confidence is very important for every home owners specially those that are living in remote areas whereby their only means of power are thru our Power Solar kit products .

Our guarantee , practicality and economical power solar kit products provides sustainable solutions for every home owners and building owners .

We welcome your involvement and sharing of ideas thru our platform as we are always aspiring for more sustainable , practical and economical solutions to offer to all home owners no matter how small or big the house or buildings are .

Lets all work together , Your commitment to less carbon emissions are very important for the future generation .