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Solar Sizing Calulator

For off-grid systems you can approximate your solar PV system wattage with this calculator:

1. What is the total Watts (W) your electronics will consume?

2. For how long are you planning to run these devices?

4. Charge Controller efficiency (PWM: 80%, MPPT: 92%)

3. Average Sun Hours per day?

Minimum System Size:

Recommended System Size:

ecommended Battery Size (12V):

Recommended Battery Size (24V):
Calculation and solar panel energy needs calculator

PowersolarkitSolar brought three different solar panel calculators to help you estimate the power requirements of the project. Solar estimate calculator can calculate your energy consumption and requirements to assist the needs of your solar panel's decision. In addition, the Solar cable size calculator designed to provide estimates of the size of the gauge to determine your cable needs.

Similarly, consumers can use their own estimates of cell interconnection calculator, creating demand for a suitable battery power backup system. Go easy on your pocket, and calculate your solar power project requirements with advanced solar panels calculator environment. To reduce your impact, please browse our selection of solar products.